Hi-Tech Auto Body Loyalty Card

Hopefully, the light of good fortune shines on you all the days of your life!

But sometimes, accidents do happen.

If you find that to be the case,
our customers that have accidents with a total cost to repair of more than $1,000, who commit to the full repair,
will receive a Thank you letter with a Loyalty Card in the mail to be used for any future accidents that happen.
It is just a little something but we like to reward our customers.

Keep in mind, you can give this card to a neighbor, a family member, a friend or use it the next time an accident rains on your day. Call us to go over our loyalty program and get yourself some security!

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Service with a smile at Hi-Tech Auto Body

Having an accident, a fender bender or just dents from hail and scratches and dents from other drivers is stressful enough without the worries about the restoration and cost associated with these repairs.

The friendly, helpful and courteous staff at Hi-Tech Auto Body goes the extra mile. They work hard to keep the repair costs down and give you peace of mind with their welcoming attitude, friendly smile and concern.

The staff at Hi-Tech Auto Body works with you and your insurance company to make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

Hi-Tech Auto Body has been a family owned and operated business since 1995, conveniently located one and a half miles down Highway 42 in Osage Beach, Missouri. And their reputation has been built on top-quality repairs, customer service, convenience, and honesty.

“Experienced Auto Body Repair that leaves you with a smile!”

Top Ten Reasons
why you should go to Hi-Tech Auto Body Repair and Towing . . .

  • Experienced Technicians.
  • Friendly, helpful and courteous staff.
  • Download Our Brochure Here!
  • Smooth and hassle-free process.
  • Family owned and operated business.
  • Top-Quality auto body repair.
  • Good reputation.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Conveniently located.
  • Honesty with a smile.
  • Quick Turn around.

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