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Comments: My name is Michelle. I had my first experience of hitting a deer. I drive a 2012 Acura MDX and I admit that I am very particular. Considering the amount of damage, I was sure it would never drive the same. With this being my first accident I had no idea where to take my vehicle. My insurance adjuster suggested I take it Hi-Tech Auto Body. I have to say that was the best thing I could have done. I was given photo updates and informed of the progress on a regular basis. They are the most professional and caring people I could have come in contact with. I have had my car back for about three months now. Like I said I am very particular about my vehicle and I couldn't be happier; it looks perfect and drives just as well if not better. Thanks to all who took care of my car from the towing to the final sign off.


~ Michelle Crainshaw

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Comments: I know it has been months now since you fixed the "dumb deer damage" to our Corolla last fall, but your ad about deer collisions in NEWS FOCUS reminded me that I had never told you how we felt about your work. Your people did a great job in assessing the damage and fixing it.  I was concerned how well the re-paint would hold up, but it is better than the factory paint!  I will highly recommend your services.